Sunday, October 11, 2015

Signs That Your Man doesn't Love You & Only wants To Have S3x With You

 I bring you 7 secrets that may save you from many heartbreaks — signs you have to look for in a guy to know if he wants a relationship or he just wants to rumple the bed sheets at every opportunity.
This is important for women who think it’s time to settle for that one guy, and not just getting Unclad for him at request.
If you don’t want another X-mark on your dating calendar, then read on:
He doesn’t want to meet at his place. Men like to have the women they like over at their place. If a man finds reasons to keep out of his space, then he may be hiding something or does not want certain people to meet you in his place.
He hides you from his friends. If a guy likes you and is proud of you, he’ll show you off to his friends. When he doesn’t do that than be careful.
He does not want to know about your personal life. No man wants to date a woman whose life is a mystery to him. A man who loves you wants to know the tiny details.
He turns everything se.xual. The abundance of a man’s heart shows in his words. Same with a lover. If he wants you more than for se.x, it’ll show. A man who only makes se.xual compliments, like boobs, bum, sexy, hot, sweet, even when the occasions does not call for it, is just looking for more se.x.
He doesn’t like to do pre-in.timacy. If you meet a guy that hurriedly gets out of his clothes and gets you out of yours but doesn’t want to play around before poking into the honeypot, chances are that he’s just in for the se.x.
He is so worried about you forgetting things at his place. If a man does not allow you to keep personal items in his house, something is wrong. He is either not ready for a relationship or is just using you s.exually.
He doesn’t take you out. This is all part of the hiding thing. He doesn’t want to be accidentally seen with you in public. Be careful of his kind!
You must know that men are poor in hiding their feelings. They may not say it, but they act it, so watch out for these signs.

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